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A Little About Me:


Renowned photographer Gerard "Lalo" Sandoval boasts over a decade of experience in the world of photography, specializing in the art of fashion, portrait, and commercial photography. Hailing from Mexican heritage and thriving in the vibrant landscape of Los Angeles, Gerard brings a unique tapestry of storytelling creativity paired with an innate ability to unearth the authentic essence and raw emotions of his subjects, all while forging profound personal connections.

Drawing inspiration from the vivid and dynamic threads of his Spanish/Mexican lineage, the timeless allure of classic Americana, and the opulence of old Hollywood glamour, Gerard's photography is a vibrant fusion of color and emotion. It effortlessly marries the enduring elegance of yesteryears with the dynamic ingenuity of today, resulting in a visual style that is both original, nostalgic, and contemporary. His work beckons viewers on a captivating journey, unraveling profound human emotions through the narratives woven into his subjects.

What sets Lalo apart is his unwavering dedication to unveiling the genuine essence of those who stand before his lens. It goes beyond the mere act of capturing images; it's about establishing an authentic human connection, delving into the depths of emotions, and unwrapping the stories that reside within each individual. Gerard becomes not just a photographer but a trusted friend and a favorite collaborator, meticulously cultivating a safe and nurturing atmosphere where every subtle nuance is unveiled, every emotion is palpable, and every narrative is etched onto the frame. His commitment to preserving the authenticity of these moments ensures that each image is a true reflection of the inner world of the subject.


Embark on a journey through Gerard's portfolio to experience this seamless blend of bold storytelling and an unwavering commitment to capturing the true essence of humanity, our stories, and our interconnectedness.

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